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Combined road machines MD-651N
  • Combined road machines MD-651N
  • Combined road machines MD-651N
  • Combined road machines MD-651N
  • Combined road machines MD-651N

Combined road machines MD-651N

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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The road machine MD - 651N is a multifunctional complex of attachments made of stainless steel, which allows performing all types of road maintenance operations.

Sand - spreading and water - washing equipment has a self - unloading system, which ensures quick installation / disassembly without involving additional load - lifting mechanisms on any flat surface.

In winter, the equipment is intended for the distribution of anti - icing materials (PGM); in summer - for washing pavement, road signs and track elements, water injection.

Sanding equipment.

The hopper is made of a one - piece stainless steel sheet.

The geometry of the body of the European section, reinforced with stiffeners, prevents freezing of deicing materials.

The hopper design allows you to install one of two types of chains (sleeve - roller or plate) on a conveyor with a BERMA RT - 500 gear drive.

Before painting, the hopper is processed in a shot blasting chamber, which significantly increases the life of the machine. The body is equipped with a grill for cutting off large fractions.

The hydraulic unit is located in a closed dust and water tight compartment behind the cab.

The ability to quickly change equipment thanks to the adapter frame on the chassis.

An electric vibrator system with control from the driver’s cab is installed on the machine’s hopper, which allows to reduce the freezing and sticking of PGM on the body and increase the operating time of the machine.

The machine is equipped with a mechanism for forcing the brush against the road surface for more thorough cleaning.

The machine has a mechanism for forcing the blade to the road surface for more thorough cleaning.

The dump features the hydro - copying of the road surface, as well as protection against dynamic shock, which increases the wear resistance and durability of the front blade.

Hopper spreader.

The spreader is made of stainless steel and has the following mechanical adjustments as standard:

- The possibility of symmetric and asymmetric distribution of the material due to the rotation of the spreading disc in the horizontal plane in the range of ± 35 degrees. Asymmetry is controlled from the driver's cab via the LCD.

- Adjusting the width of the distribution of PGM in a vertical plane (changing the angle of inclination of the spreading disc).

- Adjustment of the spreading disc in height.


Additional options for sanding equipment:

- PGM humidification system with liquid reagents (4 tanks of 450 liters each)

- a system that prevents freezing of PGM, with control from the cab

- protection against rainfall (installation of an awning)

- grinder of large fractions of PGM, with height adjustment in 4 positions and speed, which allows you to crush large fractions of PGM and ensure stable operation of spreading and sprinkling, as well as increase the service life of the spreading disc.

- automatic control system for the distribution and dosage of PGM from the cab, regardless of vehicle speed

- sensor signaling the shutdown of the supply of PGM

- A warning sensor for emergency leakage of hydraulic fluid from the system, located in the driver's cab.


At the request of the customer, the machines can be equipped with a telemetry system:

- Optimization of work processes: work time analysis;

- Optimization of settings: a detailed analysis of power indicators and set parameters;

- Simplification of documentation and increased transparency: data accounting;

- Save maintenance time and increase operational reliability: remote diagnostics.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Plant manufacturer:АО "Кургандормаш"
Information is up-to-date: 01.07.2020
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